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Screenshot from The Eric André Show

Watch Donald Glover Sit Through Chaos On ‘The Eric André Show’

While in the hot seat, Donald Glover was interrogated by Eric André on random questions, and also asked to say “Free R. Kelly,” which he politely declined.

Donald Gloverbraved through the recent episode of The Eric André Show. While in the hot seat, the Atlanta and Swarm creator was interrogated by André on random questions, and also asked to say “Free R. Kelly,” which he politely declined.

Early in the erratic conversation, André, whose hands were covered with brown goo, attempted to shake Glover’s hand, but the Gilga founder grimaced and backed up.

During an even stranger moment of the interview, André declared “Free Putin” while holding up the "Black power" fist sign. When Glover said that Vladimir Putin isn’t Black, André refuted, saying “Me? I support Black people. You? I don’t know.”

“OK,” Glover modestly responded.

The interview took another gross turn with André drinking “breast milk” before Glover was given a touch-up and coughed on by elderly cast members.

Another special appearance came from diminutive Irish rapper Lil’ Lep, who smoked in Glover’s face and rhymed about Green Eggs and Ham.

Although Glover’s largely been under-the-radar this year, in March, he released Prime Video series Swarm, starring Dominique Fishback, Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris. The 39-year-old also made a surprise cameo in new animation film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and was honored by GQ with a Global Creativity Award in April.

In an interview with the publication, Glover teased that he may release another stand-up special. “So I was with Chris Rock, and he was like, ‘People aren’t good [at stand-up] until they’re your age,” Glover told GQ. “The only one who was better when he was younger was Eddie. Why aren’t you doing this shit?’”

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Glover will also appear in upcoming Prime Video show Mr. & Mrs. Smith.