The Prince Estate Says No to TikTok-Famous Brand Trying to Trademark “Purple Rain”

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Energy drink brand Bang has been barred from the Prince estate to trademark the phase ‘Purple Rain’ for a new flavor.

Energy drink and dietary supplements brand Bang won’t be pouring “Purple Rain” anytime soon. According to Rolling Stone, on August 23, judges in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office barred Bang’s 2020 attempt to trademark the phrase in favor of the Prince estate. The trademark was denied as “Purple Rain” is widely associated with the late singer, along with his 1984 music film and song of the same title. If Bang was permitted to use the trademark, judges say it would have implied a false connection with Prince’s legacy and estate.

“We find on this record that Purple Rain points uniquely and unmistakably to Prince,” the ruling read.

The musician’s estate argued that the phrase ‘Purple Rain’ is not commonly used or defined in the English dictionary, thus causing damages onto the estate if trademarked by Bang. Earlier this month, the $156 million estate, named Prince Legacy LLC reached a settlement after a six-year court battle.

“Prince’s music, art, and trademarks hold a special place in our society and culture,” estate attorney L. Londell McMillan told Billboard. “Purple Rain is a Prince mark and brand known worldwide. Please respect these unique assets or suffer at your own peril.”

“We greatly respect Prince and his estate and will not ‘rain’ on their parade,” said Bang Energy CEO Jack Owoc. “Maybe we can negotiate a deal in the future that is mutually beneficial to both parties.”

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