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'You're Ridiculous': Black British Journalist Calls Out White Supremacist Richard Spencer For Justifying Slavery
'You're Ridiculous': Black British Journalist Calls Out White Supremacist Richard Spencer For Justifying Slavery
Source: YouTube

'You're Ridiculous': Black British Journalist Calls Out White Supremacist Richard Spencer For Justifying Slavery

White supremacist Richard Spencer surely looked like a fool during a recent interview with a black British journalist.

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Gary Younge, editor-at-large for The Guardian, interviewed Spencer for "Angry, White And American," a documentary airing Thursday night on the British network Channel 4. In a preview clip from the documentary that has been circulating across social media, Younge expresses that he is conflicted about speaking to the white supremacist before ultimately meeting him in a car park in Mississippi.

Upon seeming to be surprised that Younge was the journalist interviewing him, Spencer then got into why "Africans have benefited from their experience with white supremacy."

"So slavery was good for them," Younge asks.

"Look, they benefited from being in a different nation than their own. No doubt. How can you deny that," Spencer responds.

"It's such a ridiculous notion that people forcibly removed from their homes and taken to this country to work for nothing for a couple of centuries ― and that benefited them," Younge replies.

From there the discussion turns to Donald Trump and "to what extent" does he share Spencer's viewpoints.

"I don't think he shares the ideal of the ethno-state. I don't think he shares my conscious thinking about race...But does he have nationalist feelings? I think that's clear," Spencer says. "He wouldn't have run the campaign that he ran if he didn't feel some sense of loss that we are losing our nations, here in the United States, in Britain [and] across the world."

"I'm not losing my nation. I'm British," Younge responds.

"Of course you're not losing your nation because you're winning the demographic battle," Spencer replies.

"Why am I winning? I'm living in the place of my birth. Just like you," Younge answers back.

"But that's not really your home," Spencer responds.

From here, if Spencer's logic was not already in question surely it is at this point, with the white supremacist declaring that Britain was not Younge's "real home" and that his "ancestors didn't built it."

"Sorry! Listen, my ancestors built it tenfold ― and weren't paid for it," Younge says.

Spencer then equates Younge's response "like saying African-Americans built the United States," which Younge quickly replies "They did! They literally built the White House."

At this point all Spencer can say is "Because we made them."

Ultimately, the interview ends with Younge calling Spencer a "ridiculous person" while adding:

I was looking for someone who could give some intellectual ballast to what’s going on in this country in terms of race, in terms of white people, but I found the wrong guy. Because you don't know what you’re talking about.

More can be read about Younge's experience with Spencer as well as his encounters with white people in America here.