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Ql 2
Ql 2
Source: Questlove/The Balvenie

Questlove to Host A New Digital Series on Mastering Creativity

Questlove is teaming up with whiskey brand The Balvenie for the new series.

On Tuesday, Questlove and whiskey brand The Balvenie announced their partnership for an upcoming digital series. Beginning in Fall 2021, the duo will bring Quest for Craft to a streaming platform near you. The series will focus on "the never-ending journey of taking something from great to exceptional; the pursuit of ultimate craftsmanship."

"I have always been curious about what drives people creatively," Questlove said in a statement, "and have used that curiosity in my own creative process. From my youth touring with my parents, to my many conversations and collaborations with diverse creatives over the years, and writing a book on the subject, there are endless stories of creativity still to be discovered. I’m excited to take this journey with The Balvenie to tell these important stories of makers and their creative processes."

Before the series premiere, Questlove and The Balvenie are teaming up for a limited edition collection of holiday gift items curated by Quest himself. Items will include a selection of snacks from his favorite chefs and brands, a set of Glencairn glasses, and a set of coasters and cocktail napkins he designed.

"[The] process of making our award-winning whiskies is easy to see," Balvenie brand director Greg Levine added, "but the intrinsic values and human characteristics that drive our distillery craftspeople every day often escape the spotlight. It’s these attributes that drive innovation, creativity and consistency and there’s no better partner to embark on this co-creative journey with than Questlove.”