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OJ Simpson's Controversial 'If I Did It' Confession Interview To Finally Air On TV
- YouTube
Source: YouTube

OJ Simpson's Controversial 'If I Did It' Confession Interview To Finally Air On TV

A shelved interview that OJ Simpson did in 2006 offering "a shocking hypothetical account" of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman will finally be shown on TV next week.

WATCH: OJ Simpson Be Released From Las Vegas Prison After Serving Nine Years

Fox will air the two-hour special OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession on March 11, according to a report from IndieWire. Hosted by Soledad O'Brian, the special will "air with limited interruptions and will feature public service announcements on domestic violence awareness throughout the program." Accompanying the announcement of the special has also come a teaser trailer featuring snippets of the interview.

The network, which received approval from the Goldman and Simpson families to air the interview, decided to air the special when tapes of the interview were "recently rediscovered sitting in a box on the Fox lot."

Now almost 12 years old, the interview was conducted between Simpson and editor Judith Regan. Regan was fired from book publisher HarperCollins after the company discovered that she reportedly paid Simpson $3.5 million for the interview. Fox ended up canceling the special after public outcry over Simpson's payment. (However, Goldman's family went on to publish Simpson's account in the book I Did It: Confessions of the Killer.)

Last year Simpson was released from Las Vegas prison after serving nine years in prison. He faced a maximum of 33 years after being convicted of 12 charges around the retrieval of sports memorabilia including conspiracy, burglary, robbery, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon back in 2007.

Source: IndieWire