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Jordan Peele's Production Company Is Producing A Kid Cudi TV Show

Watch Jordan Peele Put A Post-POTUS Spin On His Obama Impersonation Source: YouTube

Kid Cudi made the reveal during a recent interview.

Kid Cudi made his return to music last month with Kids See Ghosts, a collaborative seven-song release with Kanye West. Now, the Cleveland rapper has spoken with Billboard about the album as well as other creative projects he's working on.

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"It was always seven," Cudi said in regards to the album's number of tracks. "There are some songs that we didn't use that I'm hopeful we can put out later. But the plan is to do more Kids See Ghosts albums."

Cudi also spoke on his and West's chemistry as well as revealed that Ghosts took "a little over a year-and-a-half to just get it tight."

As for the other projects, Cudi has been working on a TV show for the past four years that will be produced by Jordan Peele's production company Monkeypaw Productions. He's also working on a collaboration with French clothing brand APC.

Read below for other notable quotes from the interview and read it in its entirety here.

Kid Cudi on his connection with Kanye West on KIDS SEE GHOSTS: 

"I think me and Kanye are always going to make awesome shit together. We just have this chemistry that's undeniable, especially when we have to fight for it with each other. It's really easy for us. Kids See Ghosts did take us a little over a year-and-a-half to just get it tight and where we wanted it to be, but the actual songwriting process and putting the songs together wasn't really hard. … At first, when he mentioned he wanted to do the album, I didn't know how serious he was. But I was real serious about it. Months went by, and we just kept working on it and chiseling away at it."

Kid Cudi on clearing the "Cudi Montage" sample for KIDS SEE GHOSTS: 

"That [sample of Kurt Cobain's posthumously released song 'Burn the Rain'] is the one I was the most worried about, but Courtney Love and Frances [Bean Cobain] were really cool and they cleared it, and I love them both for that. Courtney told me, 'I don't clear shit for just anybody,' and I was like, 'I know, I know,' and I was so thankful. Those songs took some real time and real work."

Kid Cudi on recording KIDS SEE GHOSTS in Wyoming: 

"It was like camp, like a super camp where all the fucking creatives go to create. We ate together. We laughed together. Chilled. It was really cool to be around Nas. That was the illest. We'd be chilling in the room, and then Nas would leave and we'd be like, 'That's fucking Nas.' We'd be asking him questions about coming up in Queens, did he know Biggie, all these questions. I had a ball out there, man. Kanye had his family around. He had his dad there. And we knew what songs we wanted to use."

Kid Cudi on his 2016 Facebook posts detailing his struggles and "suicidal urges": 

"I put it up, and I walked away. A couple of hours later, I saw that it was all over the news. Then I got really scared. I didn't read any articles about it at first. I didn't know how people were responding. I was asking Dennis [Cummings, his current manager] what the response was, and then I checked it [myself] a couple of days later and saw that the response was all love and support, and it really touched me. I was in a really bad place, and at the time, I felt like I was letting a lot of people down. It was really hard for me to even write that letter, but I needed to be honest with the kids. I needed to. I couldn't live a lie. I couldn't pretend to be happy."