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Kanye West
Photo Credit: MEGA/GC Images

Kanye West Says Jewish People Should "Forgive Hitler" In Discussion with Proud Boys Founder

During a conversation on Censored.TV, Kanye West talked with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes about wanting Jewish people to "forgive Hitler."

One week after praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in a controversial interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Kanye West sat down with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes for a discussion on Censored.TV.

During a 45-minute conversation, with the episode titled "Saving Ye" on the alt-right video platform, Ye wore a mask over his face, claiming that his Infowars appearance was “awesome for a presidential campaign." The Yeezy founder went on to blame Jewish people for Hitler's “reputation” before likening abortion to “eugenics,” “genocide,” and the “Holocaust.”

“Jewish people control the majority of the media, along with banks, along with real estate, along with malls,” the artist formerly known as Kanye West said in his antisemitic spiel. He added, “They can control the narrative. History is written by the winners.”

McInnes, perhaps seeing an opportunity to incite his guest, then asked, “So you’re president of the United States. It’s day one and someone walks in and they go, ‘So what are we going to do about these Jews?’ What do ya say?”

“Jews should work for Christians. I’ll hire a Jewish person in a second if I knew they weren’t a spy and I could look through their phone and follow through their house and have a camera all in their living room," Ye responded, prompting laughter from McInnes and white supremacist Nick Fuentes.

When asked if he's chosen a presidential running mate, Ye referenced Candace Owens before saying that he has issues with Ben Shapiro who is “in control of Candace Owens’ voice.”

Before wrapping up the interview, Ye declared that he loves "everyone," including “the doctor that performed the final plastic surgery” on his late mother, Donda West. Although his campaign for 2024 presidential run has yet to be filed, Ye said that his campaign will be based on “the rules of the country will be based on the bible” and that “we’re going to align the constitution with the bible.”

In a final blow, he added, “Jewish people can’t tell me who I can love and who I can’t love. You can’t say, you can’t force your pain on everyone else. Jewish people, forgive Hitler today.”

Ye was recently suspended from Twitter for violating platform rules after posting artwork referencing the swastika and the Star of David. The tweet follows nearly two months of antisemitic remarks on social media and public appearances from the Grammy Award-winning artist. He last brought up Hitler on Infowars in late-November, where he claimed to see "good things" about the German dictator.