6ix9ine’s Request to Serve Prison Sentence at Home Has Been Denied

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Photo by Michael Campanella/Redferns

Photo by Michael Campanella/Redferns

A federal judge has denied the rapper’s request even though he allegedly shared he feels his life is at risk. 

6ix9ine will reportedly serve out the rest of his sentence in prison despite the rapper sharing that he feared for his life behind bars. 

According to TMZ, Judge Paul Engelmayer denied his request to serve his 24-month sentence under home confinement. The federal judge said the time he will serve is necessary “[to] reflect the seriousness of his crimes.” 6ix9ine whose government name is Aaron Hernandez requested to be moved from a private jail to home confinement or a community facility. 

“[The] Court’s determination was, and is, that a 24-month prison sentence is necessary in this case,” Engelmayer wrote. In his request, Hernandez said he feared for his life since the facility where he’s serving time is filled with members of the Bloods. 

During his highly publicized trial in January 2019, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty to nine counts related to his membership in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. He also reportedly joined the gang. During the fall 2019 trial of two other Nine Trey members, he was a cooperating witness, reports Complex.

In exchange for his testimony instead of receiving a 47-year sentence, it was reduced to two years. He’s already served 14 months. If he is on his best behavior, he could be out of prison by late summer. 

Tekashi’s attorney, Dawn Florio has shared that they plan to appeal the decision. Take a look at his girlfriend’s recent Instagram post below. 


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