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Sylvester Stallone Confirms the Return of Ivan Drago for ‘Creed 2’ [Updated]
Sylvester Stallone Confirms the Return of Ivan Drago for ‘Creed 2’ [Updated]
Source: Instagram

Sylvester Stallone All But Confirms That Ivan Drago Will Be In 'Creed 2'

Did you know that Sylvester Stalloneloves Instagram?

The legendaryactor/director/screenwriter puts up an IG posts at least three times a week. These posts are almost exclusively dedicated to the franchise he created and then helped revive: Rocky.

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Well, it's Creed now. And Stallone has been sending the last couple of months writing the script for the sequel to the hit 2015 movie.

We know this, again, because of Instagram. Three days ago he posted the following picture on his IG, showing a completed handwritten script:

Notice that there's a #drago hashtag. For the last month or so Stallone has been teasing Ivan Drago, thelegendaryvillainfrom Rocky IV.

It started on June 20th with this post:

From there, Sly posted numerouspics where he made reference to the iconic character:

And then there was the whopper; on July 12 Sly posted a pic of Drago and Creed in the ring together (the picture you see above.)

So yeah. There hasn't been anything confirmed yet. But expect Drago or Drago's son or Drago's cousin or whatever to be in the sequel to Creed, whenever that movie comes to formation.

H/T: Slash Film