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'I Love The Flag': George Foreman Says Colin Kaepernick Lacks Patriotism

'I Love The Flag': George Foreman Says Colin Kapernick Lacks Patriotism Source: AFP

George Foreman called out athletes Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant for lacking patriotism and voiced his support of Donald Trump.

Serving as a guest on the Offended America podcast, the boxing legend spoke at length about Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem before games last year. He also states how media coverage of sports changed when the late boxing icon and activist Muhammad Ali began to take political stances throughout his career, with sports reporters now asking athletes about their political views.

"A lot of guys say, 'Look, I got all this money but nobody knows me so let me say something like Muhammad Ali and maybe I'll be different,'" Foreman said. "That's all that is. I don't pay much attention to what kids do. The young man who didn't want to stand for the national anthem, a lot of us died in wars so they could have that privilege, really."

The conversation then turns to Durant. Recently, the Golden State Warriors star said that he wouldn't visit the White House if his team made a trip to meet Trump as a part of their championship celebration. Foreman recounted a similar experience where he turned down an invitation to meet former president Richard Nixon (Foreman supported Nixon's opponent, Hubert Humphrey, during the 1968 presidential election), and revealed during the podcast that he regrets his decision.

"A lot of sore loser goes along in politics," Foreman said. "Your guy doesn't win, so you figure something is wrong. 'I'm not gonna like the guy. I'm against him and everything.' That's all that is. Sore losers."

Although he does state that the points Kaepernick and Durant are making should be respected, he also questions their patriotism, saying: "They haven't been brought up with people who were patriotic to even point them in the right direction."

The remainder of Foreman's interview has him praising Trump as "a good president," and forever being grateful to him for helping Foreman when he was bankrupt.

The interview can be listened to below (Foreman comes in around the 22:03 mark).