Watch Donald Glover Recreate TLC’s “Creep” In Deleted ‘Atlanta’ Scene

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Watch Donald Glover Dance To TLC's "Creep" In Deleted 'Atlanta' Scene
Source: Screengrab via FX
Watch Donald Glover Dance To TLC's "Creep" In Deleted 'Atlanta' Scene

Source: Screengrab via FX

If you’ve seen the latest episode of Atlanta then you’ve noticed the subtle homage they made to Atlanta’s very own TLC. The trio — Earn (Donald Glover), Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry), and Darius (Lakeith Stanfield) — are wearing pajamas reminiscent of the girl group’s music video for “Creep,” throughout the entire episode.

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Now, it seems that Glover had wanted a more explicit homage to TLC but that didn’t up happening. Atlanta director Hiro Murai took to Instagram to reveal a deleted scene from the episode, which finds Earn, Paper Boi, and Darius dancing to TLC’s “Creep.”

The clip begins with Earn and Darius dancing as they attempt to make Paper Boi dance with them. The rapper finally gives and makes his way between them, pulling off the video’s choreography with absolute ease.

The seconds season of Atlanta, which is titled Robbin’ Season, only has two more episodes left. Okayplayer recently spoke with Stefani Robinson, the show’s only woman writer, about being a part of the critically-acclaimed series’ success and writing for television.

“When I am the only woman, woman of color or person of color, it’s tough because you do feel an added responsibility. I can’t help it when I’m looking at a room full of people who are different than me,” Robinson said. “I can’t help but want to fight and champion people who don’t have voices. It’s not lost on me how lucky and fortunate I am to be in these positions with a lot of women of color.”

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