‘Dear White People’ Renewed For Second Season

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'Dear White People' Renewed For Second Season
Source: Netflix
'Dear White People' Renewed For Second Season

Source: Netflix

Dear White People has been renewed for a second season.

Show creator Justin Simien made the announcement at Essence Festival today, Friday, with production set to begin later this year for an expected 2018 premiere.

A couple of months back Okayplayer spoke with showrunner and executive producer Yvette Lee Bowser about her contributions to the show, the controversy it received even before it debuted, and the possibility of Living Single returning to TV.

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“I think those who choose to be confused will always be confused. It is interesting though, because I am not a millennial and I was a little more buffered from all of that [mess]. I was aware of it, but I didn’t take it personally because I don’t interact with people primarily on social media. You know what I’m saying? I don’t take what perfect strangers have to say to heart,” Bowser said. “But my partner Justin is a millennial. He’s been raised on social media. He was born weeks before I graduated from high school, so that generation gap also helps provide balance in our working relationship where I can be a calming force and help him find some distance from things that are real in a social media realm. Maybe they’re real to some people, but in my real life, my personal life, that doesn’t impact me. I don’t have time for trolls.”

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You can read the rest of the interview here. The first season of Dear White People is still available to stream on Netflix.

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