Dave Chappelle Rallies Behind "Godbrother" Ben Jealous In Maryland Governor's Race

Dave Chappelle Rallies Behind "Godbrother" Ben Jealous In Maryland Governor's Race

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Dave Chappelle said that the Democratic gubernatorial candidate introduced him to the late Dick Gregory.

Although Dave Chappelle has been busy preparing for his acting comeback on the big screen, he’s made some time to support Ben Jealous on his campaign run for governor of Maryland.

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On Friday, the comedian appeared alongside Jealous during a campaign event in Largo, Maryland, where he discussed how their fathers were best friends as well as how Chappelle considers Jealous his “godbrother,” according to NPR.

Chappelle then went on to say that Jealous was the first person to call him while he was hiding out in South Africa following his departure from Chappelle’s Show. He also said that Jealous introduced him to the late Dick Gregory, adding that he got “the best pep talk from the two of them that I’ve ever gotten in my life.”

“I really attribute it to being here now,” Chappelle said. “And I think as a leader, as an organizer…this man is excellent. I wouldn’t lie to you; I’d stake my whole reputation on it.”

As NPR notes, Jealous has never held elective office before but he did serve as the president of the NAACP from 2008-2013. He was the youngest-ever national leader of the NAACP.

Recently, a trailer for the forthcoming film A Star Is Born was released, which features Chappelle. The trailer shows Chappelle as Noodles, a close friend of the film’s main character Jackson Maine (played by Bradley Cooper).

Source: NPR

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