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This Is Black America: Donald Glover's Wake-Up Call
This Is Black America: Donald Glover's Wake-Up Call
Source: Screen Grab via YouTube

A Lot Of People — Including Cardi B — Didn't Know Donald Glover Is Childish Gambino

This Is Black America: Donald Glover's Wake-Up Call Source: Screen Grab via YouTube

In recent years we've seen Donald Glover and his musical persona Childish Gambino, collide in terms of mainstream recognition. Glover has gained acclaim and praise on the small and big screen thanks to his TV show Atlanta as well as appearances in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Solo: A Star Wars Story, while his latest song "This Is America" has become a hit single.

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So, it kind of makes sense that a lot of casual Glover fans are just now realizing he and Gambino are the same person. Case in point: Cardi B.

In a since-deleted tweet, Cardi wrote the following: "It's amazing how Donald Glover and Childish Gambino look so much alike. I think they secretly the same person! So dope!"

After deleting that tweet she then posted another one, writing: "Wait I'm confused now?"

A number of Cardi fans reacted to Cardi's tweets about Glover, making light of the confusion.

However, it seems that the "Bodak Yellow" artist isn't the only one who recently found out Glover and Gambino are the same person. As Mashable notes, some Twitter users have recounted their own moments with people who either realized the two were the same or didn't.

Recently, a group of Donald Glover fans took over a subreddit devoted to Donald Trump.

Known as The Donald, the subreddit was initially created as an offshoot of The_Donald, another subreddit dedicated to Trump. The former, which boasts over 16,000 members, was made just in case the latter ever went down and has since turned into a meme posting subreddit that often targets Trump. Recently, however, the subreddit has become a place for Glover fans to voice their support and admiration of the multi-talented creative.

Source: Mashable