The Last Standing Blockbuster Store in America is on Airbnb for $4 Per Night

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Blockbuster is offering a 90s sleepover experience on Airbnb.

The United States’ last existing brick-and-mortar Blockbuster store has been up and running in Bend, Oregon for 20 years. In honor of the milestone, the store’s manager Sandi Harding wanted to celebrate. As a result, the store is now up for rent on Airbnb.

“This year being our 20th years a Blockbuster, we really wanted to celebrate that this year,” Harding said in an interview with CNN. “But with COVID, it’s kind of thrown a wrench into everyone’s plans.” On August 3, the store’s owner reached out to the community for help.

Guests will get to recreate a night’s worth of the full 1990s experience, with “era-appropriate television,” a VCR, and all the store’s VHS tapes to choose from. The offer is exclusively available for Deschutes County residents at a nightly rate of $4, as a gesture of gratitude.

“We are celebrating our community,” Harding continued, “and giving them a big giant ‘thank you’ for all of the support they’ve given us over the years.” The store is available for rent for September 18-20. “With everybody being stuck at home and re-experiencing family time together,” said Harding, “we thought it would be fun to enjoy some family time in a throwback ’90s environment…there will be some rules with social distancing. But for the most part they can just enjoy their evening, enjoy pizza and popcorn and just have a blast.”

The rental is open to a party of up to four people. Bookings will open on August 17.

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