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Bernie Sanders Told Us Exactly How Election Day was Going to Play Out in October
Bernie Sanders Told Us Exactly How Election Day was Going to Play Out in October
Source: Youtube/NBC

Bernie Sanders Told Us Exactly How Election Day was Going to Play Out in October

The Vermont Senator tried to warn us.

Whether by premonition or good old experience-based instinct, Bernie Sanders knew exactly how Election Day was going to unfold. And he told us, down to the precise states still in deliberation and an early declaration of victory, during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The TonightShow... a week and a half ago.

Citing GOP-ensured delays in counting mail-in ballots, Sanders described an Election Day scenario in which Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, would lag behind the rest of the country's counts. And sure enough, those three states, in addition to Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, and Nevada, have yet to be called due to the prioritization of in-person ballots, barring election officials from counting any mail-in ballots (projected to be overwhelmingly in support of Biden,) until the day of the election or, in many cases, after. Many of those states are not expecting to turn in final-ish counts for days.

Sanders even sensed Trump's response to the shitshow he's been facilitating for months now. The Vermont Senator warned the president would claim victory when he saw himself in the lead, despite the millions of mail-in votes that would still need to be counted and would likely tip the scale for Biden once they were processed. "At which point, Trump says, ‘See! I told you the whole thing was fraudulent, I told you those mail-in ballots were crooked! And we’re not gonna leave office," Sanders told the Tonight Show host. All of which amounts to what is essentially a play-by-play of the last 12-to-16-hours in American political theater. The lone outliers were fussy details. Trump declared victory at about 2am this morning, when no outlet, not even his beloved Fox News, showed him in the lead.

You can watch Bernie Sanders predict the entirety of our current Election Day hellscape in the video above. Keep an eye on the Associated Press and The New York Times for updates on the final counts in the aforementioned states.