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2019 canadian music week
2019 canadian music week
Photo Credit: Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic

Azealia Banks Sells First-Ever Audio Sex Tape NFT Worth $17,000

The tape's buyer, "Rulton Fyder," also received a signed vinyl LP from Azealia Banks for the purchase.

The world of non-fungible tokens gets weirder and weirder. On Monday, Azealia Banks got in on the action by minting some action of her own. Banks recently sold an audio-only recording of a sex tape with her fiance, artist Ryder Ripps, for ten units of Ethereum, or over $17,000 USD. Rulton Fyder, the tape's buyer, got full rights of ownership, distribution, and display, as well as a signed vinyl LP.

Who knows what the tape's worth will turn out to be in years to come. Though confusing, the world of NFTs looks to be rapidly expanding for the near future. As of last week, the National Basketball Association's NFT marketplace, NBA Top Shot, reportedly pulling in $65 million from over 50,000 users. Users can buy video highlights from their favorite NBA players on the blockchain-based platform.

Rappers like MF DOOM and Wu-Tang Clan have already gotten into the NFT game. Before his death in October, DOOM auctioned off a set of digital masks via NFT. Last week, Wu-Tang announced the release of a 400-pound book of exclusive photography via NFT.

"Literally the most expensive NFT ever," Banks wrote on Instagram. According to VICE and Foundation, an NFT marketplace, the tape is the first-ever audio sex tape NFT.

Rulton Fyder--a play on Fulton Ryder--is reportedly Richard Prince, a highly-celebrated artist in his own right. In 2005, Prince's Untitled (Cowboy), a rephotographing of a Sam Abell photo used for a cigarette advertisement, became the first rephotograph to sell for over a million dollars. Prince has recently dove into the NFT marketplace.

Stay tuned for more news about the world of NFTs.