Flying Lotus And Thundercat Scored The Latest Episode Of 'Atlanta'

Flying Lotus And Thundercat Scored The Latest Episode Of 'Atlanta'

Flying Lotus Keeps The Loosies Coming, Shares Four New Tracks (feat. Captain Murphy, Thundercat and More)

Source: Screengrab via the Los Angeles Times

Flying Lotus and Thundercat provided music for the latest episode of Donald Glover‘s Atlanta.

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If you watched “Barbershop” last night chances are you heard the bass sounds of Thundercat soundtracking Paper Boi’s adventure to get a fresh haircut. And if you watched until the very end you saw that the bass virtuoso and frequent collaborator and producer Flying Lotus were credited with scoring the episode.

Turns out that Glover personally invited Thundercat to score the episode, according to a press release. Following that, the Drunk creator asked FlyLo to work with him on the composition.

Recently, Flying Lotus dropped seven new tracks on his SoundCloud. With the exception of one track, the rest of the songs are a part of the soundtrack for the Blade Runner Blackout 2022 animated film.

A couple of months back Thundercat talked about appearing on N.E.R.D‘s latest album, No_One Ever Really Dies, as well as being included in a Jeopardy! question.

“It was fun,” Thundercat said of the N.E.R.D appearance. “Pharrell is and always has been like a beautiful light in the music. He brings excitement to the music like he always has. I’m just happy that he’s still out here doing his thing with Chad [Hugo]. It’s one of those things that…It’s kind of funny because we made a bit of a trade. If he’d appear on my album [Drunk] for me, I’d play bass on his album.”

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