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Photo Credit: @generaleq

KALLITECHNIS Releases Intimate Remix EP 'blends vol. 1'

In an exclusive interview, we caught up with the Montreal-based singer on the pandemic, protesting and more.

KALLITECHNIS unleashes her latest EP blends vol. 1, an intimate remix project. The EP from the Montreal songstress comes at a reflective moment in time as the world copes with violent policing, protesting, and the current coronavirus pandemic. 

“To be honest, the COVID pandemic and everything going on right now with police brutality, protesting, and the world coming to a real boiling point has made me reexamine what my voice is in music,” she said via phone. “And moreso in terms of how I present myself, my music, rollouts all of that.”

She also shared she’s been examining the space she takes up as a white artist and added she’s been attending protests in Montreal. The singer admits the large city has race issues despite the picturesque version of it that many people have. 

During another point in the chat with the artist, she broke down why she revealed a remix project. “I had already initiated this project idea because with it being three years since I began creating music, I’d never had my songs remixed. So it felt like the right time, it just felt very natural to give new life to something old.” KALLITECHNIS also pointed out that when it comes to her lane in music, she’s in it for the long haul. She added that her music is “honest,” “healing” and “soulful.”

The sound of the EP is expansive and also relaxing. That was intentional according to the singer. She said the tracks are mesmerizing and hypnotic on blends vol. 1 and that the selection of the five songs have specific meanings that are prevalent for what we’re all experiencing. KALLITECHNIS hopes it impacts listeners in a positive way. In the past, she's covered ego and self-reflection in her music. The remixes are credited to Coastal, ES.KAY, falcxne, Paal Singh, Ish D, and Elaquent.

“I’m most excited about sharing these songs because they’re going to make people feel good, and people need to feel good right now.” This sentiment is timely as musicians and music lovers alike are searching for solace during the moments we're all facing on a daily basis. 

Stream blends vol. 1 below.