J. Hoard Sounds The "Sirens" of Change On A Powerful New Single [Premiere]

J. Hoard Sounds The "Sirens" of Change on a Powerful New Single [Premiere]

by zo
February 07, 2017 6:16 PM

J. Hoard Sounds The "Sirens" of Change on a Powerful New Single [Premiere]

Trump’s America has not been kind and shows little, if any, sign of correcting course. But if there’s any semblance of a silver lining in all of this, it’s the rise of what has to be the most unified front against hate and fear-mongering we’ve seen in generations; artists emboldening those calls for justice with compositions that speak directly to this particularly dark chapter in the nation’s history.

Today, we have the pleasure of bringing you another necessary reinforcement in the stand against Trump’s tyranny with the premiere of “Sirens,” a buzzing and breathtaking ballad from Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter, J. Hoard. Produced by Greg Seltzer, the track calls for openness, warmth and compassion in the face of the orange blob and his fascist administration. There’s an easy call to Michael Jackson’s “What About Us?,” but only in tone. Hoard’s vocals soar over slinky, echoing six-string strums and a sparse accompaniment that gradually fills out the arrangement. The result is nothing short of a timely and sharp anthem for change. 

Listen to the latest from J. Hoard down below and head over to his Soundcloud page to dig deeper into his catalog as we creep closer to the release of a new project in the months ahead.

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