Dev Hynes Tells Raphael Saadiq How He Created The Name Blood Orange

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Dev Hynes Tells Raphael Saadiq How He Created The Name Blood Orange
Source: Talkhouse

Dev Hynes is often referred to by his musical moniker Blood Orange. But how did he come up with that name?

The Negro Swan creator recently revealed the story of how he created the name during an interview with Raphael Saadiq. Recorded at Pitchfork Festival as a part of the Talkhouse Podcast series, the interview finds Saadiq asking Hynes about the origins of Blood Orange.

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“You know what’s weird? I don’t think anyone’s actually asked me that before…Which is kind of funny…I used to draw comics in school and it was a title of one of the comics I drew in school,” Hynes says.

From there, he speaks on his recently-released album Negro Swan and how the recording process for the project went.

“[Negro Swan] is maybe one of the first times where the majority of it wasn’t actually recorded in my studio…I would go around, bring mini set-ups. Like, hotel rooms or rented houses… Then, I did a couple moments where I rented studios,” Hynes explains. “Which was, for me, to break out a rented studio, I would go and not bring anything except for a hard
drive to see what I could make there. And then, I would take the parts and bring it home or to the studio.”

Saadiq also offers an update on his own forthcoming new album, Jimmy Lee which is named after his late brother.

“[There’s] some up-tempo stuff on it, some dark stuff on it, some lighter stuff on it, some fun stuff…It’ll be out soon,” Saadiq says. “I’m working on it. I think I have one more song to record.”

Listen to the entire conversation which begins at the 24:24 mark.

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