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Brandy's 'B7' Album Cover
Brandy's 'B7' Album Cover
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Brandy Drops 'B7,' Her First Full-Length Release Since 2012

Brandy also dropped a video for the first single, "Borderline."

On Friday, Brandy, Grammy-winning singer known as the vocal bible, returned to the industry with her new album B7. The album is her first since 2012's Two Eleven. Since then, she's starred in a Broadway production of Chicago and started her own record label, Brand Nu. Stream the video for the album's first single, "Borderline," below.

Brandy spoke with Billboard about the creation of the album, which in addition to Daniel Ceasar and Chance the Rapper, also features her daughter Sy'rai. Brandy co-wrote and co-produced the album.

"It was really important for me to just discover that part of myself," she said. I was working with some amazing people like DJ Camper and LaShawn Daniels, who helped guide me, and it was a way for me to really use music to heal and be therapeutic. It felt different than anything that I had ever done, and it's something that I felt like I needed to do."

Daniels, a Grammy-winning songwriter in his own right, tragically died at the age of 41 this past September. He is survived by his wife April and three sons.

"He just wanted me to embrace the parts of me that I doubt," she said. "He wanted me to understand that the way I get a song across is my way, my tone, my inflections. My way of expressing myself is unique, and to embrace that and be honest in that and just take that on."

Brandy calls "Borderline" her favorite song on the album. She revealed that the track channels "Angel in Disguise" from her 1998 album Never Say Never.