9th Wonder - Bladey Mae [Beat Tape]

9th Wonder - Bladey Mae [Beat Tape]

9th Wonder - Bladey Mae

9th Wonder surprises us with a brand new beat tape, Bladey Mae, to start the day. Now that’s a thorough ass name for a tape right there, but as a dedication (of sorts) to his late grandmother, the story behind it makes it that much better. 9th explains: “This past weekend, I met my grandma, Beulah Mae Jarrett Douthit’s family (my dad’s mother) for the first time. My grandma passed in 1965, so I’ve had no connection to her at all. I listened to the elders talk about her all day. One elder in particular, her oldest niece, who’s 78-years-old, told me that her nickname was ‘Bladey Mae’, because of the blades she carried around in the purse and pockets, to protect her children from a segregated South, one of them being my dad. I was looking for a name for a new beat tape, and that one just came out of nowhere. Here’s to you Beulah Mae Jarrett Douthit and the blades you carried to protect pops……’Bladey Mae’… ” The full tape, when purchased, gives you 73 new beats. However, you can listen to a free sample of 10 of them, below.

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