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This Is Black America: Donald Glover's Wake-Up Call
Donald Glover Talks "This Is America" at 2018 Met Gala | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows
Source: Screen Grab via YouTube

Watch Donald Glover Give A Very Donald Glover Response On What Inspired "This Is America"

Donald Glover's latest music release, "This Is America," is still being talked about several days after its release. And although plenty of fans and critics are discussing it, Glover isn't quite ready to do the same.

WATCH: Childish Gambino's "This Is America" Music Video

While in attendance at the 2018 Met Gala, E! asked Glover about his intent for the song, to which he responded:

"I just wanted to make, you know, a good song. Something people could play on Fourth of July."

Glover offered a sly grin with the response and didn't comment any further on the topic.

Directed by collaborator and friend, Hiro Murai, "This is America" stars Glover as Gambino as a man who manically dances in a warehouse while scenes of chaos and terror unfold as the video progresses. The actual song features contributions from several rappers including Young Thug, Quavo, 21 Savage, BlocBoy JB, and others.

Young Thug recently spoke about how he ended up on the track as well as confirmed that Glover's next album will be his last.

"[Childish Gambino] got in touch with Reese LaFlare. I think they cool, friends or whatever. He told him to come to the [studio]. He said he has a song for me for his last album…I tweeted one time, I was like, 'I bet I be on Gambino's last album.' I'm on his last album, it's crazy. He's really not making music after this," the rapper said.

Source: E!