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Tyler, The Creator - OKRA
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Watch The Video For Tyler, The Creator's Surprise New Track "OKRA"

Tyler, the Creator has released a new track.

Titled "OKRA," the song finds him rapping about his successes over a distorted, bass-driven beat. He also references his Grammy nomination for his 2017 album Flower Boy, as well as shouts out Timothée Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name). Accompanying the track is a new music video, which finds Tyler and his friends biking throughout various locations, as well as one scene that comes with a seizure disclaimer.

WATCH: Tyler, The Creator Discusses Blackness, 'Cherry Bomb' And 'Flower Boy' In New Interview

Tyler tweeted that he made "OKRA" in January "on some rap shit before tour just talking." He said that he decided to "just put it out for fun and move on with [his] life."

A couple months ago the artist released a lengthy interview between him and Jarrod Carmichael, where the two discussed Flower Boy.

The interview is very insightful as it offers plenty of background into how the album came to be, and some of the influences on the album (Tyler references everything from krautrock to Stevie Wonder).

However, one of the more notable moments of the interview comes a little early around the 15 minute mark, when Carmichael asks Tyler about a lyric from "Where This Flower Blooms," where the rapper tells his black listeners "Tell these black kids they could be who they are."

"I'm saying that to me too but it’s no one saying that to these kids who look like me or to anyone who looks like me," Tyler said. "We had this conversation just wanting to snowboard when I was 12 but someone said 'That's white people s**t. Black people don’t do that.' No, you don't do that. Don't put a damper on me and tell me what I can and can't be just because of the way everyone else was that’s my same color…I just wanted to tell them to be you."