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Someone Drew a Sunken Place Mural For Dak Prescott After He Said He Won't Kneel During Anthem
Someone Drew a Sunken Place Mural For Dak Prescott After He Said He Won't Kneel During Anthem
Source: Twitter

An Artist Put Up a Mural of Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott in the "Sunken Place"

TheDallas Cowboys QB gets the Get Out treatment

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott has publicly announced that he would not protest during the national anthem before games.

Dak said:

I respect what all those guys believe in. If they believe it's going to make a change and it's going to make a difference, then power to them. But for me, I believe in doing something, action. It's not about taking a knee. It's not necessarily about standing. We can find a different place to make our country better.

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This comment didn't sit right with at least one artist.

Last a week a Get Out-inspired mural popped up at theFabrication Yard in Trinity Groves, Dallas. It features Dak in the "Sunken Place," tears coming down and everything.

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The Mural was created by freelance artist Trey Wilder. Speaking about why he decided to do a Get Out mural, Wilder said:

I was just thinking about some of the scenes in the movie where the guy was hypnotized, and that's what I believed [Prescott's] remarks seemed like.

Dak also spoke about the mural, telling Yahoo! Sports "Everybody has their own opinion.

Interestingly enough, by Sunday evening the mural was defaced. Blue glasses were sprayed over Dak's face:

The anthem continues to be a divisive issue.

Source: DallasNews