OKP TV: Wyatt Cenac Gets Trinidad James, A-Trak & More To ‘Pitch In’ At Roots Picnic 2013

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

Wyatt Cenac gets A-Trak to help out at Roots Picnic 2013

Roots Picnic is a family affair. Like I said there’s a reason we didn’t call it a ‘festival’ or ‘concert’or whatever. When we say Roots Picnic we mean PICNIC. As in ‘family-style’. As in everybody helps out. Even former Daily Show correspondent and friend-of-the-afro Wyatt Cenac didn’t hesitate to pitch in as our on-camera host and interviewer. So even if you are Trinidad James or Hit-Boy or somebody else who’s kind of a big deal, even if you are being interviewed by Wyatt Cenac about winning an R&B Grammy or connecting with The Roots on some Philly-Jersey solidarity (Naughty By Nature) you better throw on an apron an start scooping up some chicken and mashed potatoes (in this–as in so many things–why can’t you be more like A-Trak? See above). All I know is when Questlove rolls through, you don’t let him see you NOT working the press table or snapping some green beans or looking after some cats. Or something. Fortunately, Wyatt has a natural way of bringing the Roots-family spirit out of everybody from the biggest deals to actual-Roots fam like Dice Raw and Jennah Bell. Watch below to witness the results (and some cool interviews, too). And as always, huge shouts to our content capture partners, BitTorrent.

Emmai Alaquiva – Director | Editor | Cinematographer
Allison Swank – Senior Producer
Sinat Giwa – Production
Rory Webb – Production
Greg Scott – Sound
Alex Goldblum – Media Management
Jordan Gilliam – Audio Management

Alex Gaylon
Riley graham
Kevin Ornelas
Chinisha Scott
Bernard Feinsod

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