The Music Snobs Talk To Pimp A Butterfly + All Things Kendrick Lamar

The Music Snobs Talk 'To Pimp A Butterfly' + All Things Kendrick Lamar


The Music Snobs return to the surface to talk the critically-acclaimed To Pimp A Butterfly LP and all other things Kendrick Lamar in Episode 039 of the podcast. The Snobs are back in rare form following a brief hiatus with a full breakdown of the most talked about hip-hop album of the year. Wondering aloud whether the album is a “contemporary masterpiece or overrated critical darling,” the squad gets to work breaking down the finer points of the project and its author. Check out the track below to stream the full conversation. Download this episode of The Music Snobs podcast via SoundCloud. Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. Purchase Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more.

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