Saturnia & Prophetika Fragrances Accompany Book Of Sun Ra Poetry

Sun Ra Fragrances 'Saturnia' & 'Prophetika' Accompany Release Of Mystical Jazz Man's Writings

The 3-Volume Book Of Sun Ra's Poetry & Prose Entitled 'Prophetika' Is Accompanied By Two Fragrances Celebrating The Mystical Jazz Man.

The first volume of the Prophetika book trilogy – a 3-volume collection of Sun Ra‘s poetry and prose – has arrived via Norton Records accompanied by two fragrances crafted to celebrate the jazz man’s abiding mysticism and futuristic vision. The fragrances, Prophetika and Saturnia, are a sensory homage to Sun Ra’s cosmic vibes that are reported to pack a wallop with stimulating scents that act as an aphrodisiac. Prophetika is said to invoke “a mirage of memories and mysteries and incites a call to action” while Saturnia is able to “transport you out of the doom and into orbit.” The fragrances, which come packaged in 0.5 oz glass bottles topped with sphinx and pyramid amulets, are available for the very affordable price of $13. Purchase the fragrances along with the first volume of the Prophetika series via Norton Records. Stay tuned for more.

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