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Sage Francis Creates 'Anti-360 Deal' Label Imprint, SFdigi
Sage Francis Creates 'Anti-360 Deal' Label Imprint, SFdigi

Sage Francis Launches SFdigi Label, Declares It The 'Anti-360 Deal'

Sage Francis Creates 'Anti-360 Deal' Label Imprint, SFdigi

Rapper Sage Francis has been a part of the indie hip hop scene for nearly 20 years now, having created his own record label Strange Famous Records back in 1996 to release his own music.

Now, he's announced a new label imprint under the Strange Famous Records banner: Strange Famous Digital (SFdigi for short).

"SFdigi is, in essence, an analogue digital label," Francis explained in a statement.  "The main thing we want our supporters to know is that they'll be able to access, stream, and purchase the music released on SFdigi as they normally would."

Through SFdigi the artist hopes to eliminate "as many middlemen as possible," as well as create an alternative to the 360 deal that has essentially become commonplace in today's music industry. In other words: offering an artist as much autonomy as possible.

"The 'Digital' in SFdigi is there because SFR administers the digital distribution of the artist's music," Francis said. "The artist themselves retains the rights to all physical merchandise, so if they want to manufacture CDs, Cassettes, Vinyl, T-Shirts, 8-Tracks — really, anything — they are in total control of that with no label interference or kickback whatsoever."

 How the process will work is that SFdigi will press a limited 7-inch first single for every release, which will also include a download code for the full album. That way even if the artist forgoes doing any physical product of their own, fans are still able have some analog component paired with their digital purchase.

So far the roster includes a handful of artists including Prolyphic, Dope KNife, Jivin' Scientists and more (a complete list of the roster is below). SFdigi will kickoff on September 30, when Wheelchair Sports Camp drops their first official album through the newly formed imprint.

Aupheus (London, UK)

Dope KNife (Savannah, GA)

Duncan Jewett (Santa Fe, NM)

Jivin’ Scientists (Tucson, AZ)

Kurtis SP (Brisbane, AU)

Prolyphic (Providence, RI)

Seez Mics (Washington D.C.)

Wheelchair Sports Camp (Denver, CO)

Xaul Zan (Scribble Jam, 00)

Yugen Blakrok (Johannesburg, SA)