Om’Mas Keith – City Pulse [Free LP]

shamz I like ink and alcohol.... and I listen to music…


Om’Mas Keith (of Sa-Ra fame) made mention of a solo album, City Pulse, back in early 2011. Plans that were backburnered to work on Frank Ocean‘s Channel Orange. With that project out of the way, Om’Mas unleashed his solo effort this morning. Says Om’Mas of the the album to RS: “It is somewhat of an exaggerated, somewhat fictional narrative; that’s how it’s done, that’s how you make the good story,” he says. “I think part of artistry, to me, is the blend of sharing your personal truth with people and then sharing your fictional idea. My album is definitely an album about love, sexual experiences, fun and touring the world.” I’m a little mad “Nightcap” isn’t on here, but this is a very solid album – get it below.


Spotted at RIK

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