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OKP Exclusive: Yasiin Bey Calls Out Those Still Using The Words "Mos Def"

Yasiin Bey Clarifies Mos Def Rumor Large

When Yasiin Bey shared his new surprise single "Sensei On The Block," many outlets (including Okayplayer) focused on it being labeled a Mos Def track, and harkened his return to the name by which we originally knew and loved him. Now, in a statement offered exclusively to Mr. Mass and Okaypalyer, the MC has set the record straight: Mos Def is gone for good. No more. Kaput. Any reference to new songs being released as "Mos Def material" are improper and, in his own words "illegal."

We'll be the first to admit we made a mistake in our coverage of "Sensei," but are now more than happy to help set the record straight for the entire music news industry. In his video statement (shot live on location from Banksy's Dismaland), we're notified that in no way is Yasiin returning to his old name. We've gone back and corrected our headlines (and heads); you oughtta do the same.

"Whatever reports that you've heard that I'm returning to the name Most Def are false, and any music that's been released under that name recently is without my consent, my knowledge. It's being sold illegally. DOn't support it, it's corny and whack to do that. I'm tired of people playing internet games, slandering me and trying to start rumors; I don't do that to anybody, and I don't appreciate it being done to me."

-- Yasiin Bey

Bey also stresses that "the internet can be a very irresponsible place in terms of information and news," a statement with which we agree wholeheartedly. Delivered to us by French maestro Mr. Mass, the clip should be watched in full by anyone who gives a damn about getting it right when it comes to this legendary artist's music.