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Moses Sumney Performs Dreamy Live Acoustic Take Of "Man On The Moon"
Moses Sumney Performs Dreamy Live Acoustic Take Of "Man On The Moon"

Moses Sumney Performs Dreamy Acoustic Take Of "Man On The Moon" Live

Moses Sumney Performs Dreamy Live Acoustic Take Of "Man On The Moon"

Just in time for the so-called Super Moon, musical man on the moon Moses Sumney delivered a silky smooth acoustic take of "Man On The Moon" off his stellar recently released Mid-City Island EP for the folks at Issue Magazine. Sumney spins webs of delicate soul over a serene NorCal landscape, as he dishes out a righteous rendition of the heart-string puller with that angelic vocal echoing down the mountainside. Once the picture-perfect performance is wrapped up, Sumney strips himself of that candy apple red Strat and answers a few candid inquiries on how he preps for performances, his origin tale, working with Beck and more. Browse the quick excerpt below and then read the full account over at Issue, and most of all be sure to peep that satiny croon for yourself as Sumney belts out a live rendition of "Man On The Moon." Also, don't miss Sumney gracing the stage this weekend for our 15th anniversary blow-out at Central Park's SummerStage this Saturday with Dev HynesBlood Orange. Cop Moses Sumney's Mid-City Island EP via iTunes today.

Q: Where are you from?

MS: I was born here. I grew up in San Bernardino and moved to Ghana (at age 10).

Q: What was that like?

MS: It was hard – my friends were here, I had to get acclimated to a whole new culture. I was already Americanized and there was no Pokemon.

Q: Did you take away anything?

MS: No. I was depressed (laughs). Looking back on it, on a subconscious level, I think I took away some musical inspiration, but not in the way most people would assume. I wasn’t like, “Oh, I am going to play Afro music.”

Q: How would you describe your personality?

MS: I would slip my songbook into my mattress because I was really shy. I feel shy, but people don’t perceive me as shy. I don’t get nervous before shows. I get nervous in social situations.

Q: What made you decide to air them out?

MS: (laughs) Desperation, I think, and fear that I would get old and regret that I didn’t try to do something with it. I knew I was meant to do it at some point, just never when. For me, I just felt like I was getting older. I started performing when I was 20.

Q: How old are you now?

MS: I am 24. My first LA show was a year ago. Since then so much has happened. School Night! was a really crazy night. You rarely get a chance to quantify the results of what you are doing – seeing how many people were there. It’s kind of creepy. It moved very slowly for 23 years and all of a sudden it’s boom.

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