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Merna Drops "A Little More" Video
Merna Drops "A Little More" Video

Merna Releases New Single + Visual Treatment for "A Little More" + LP Announcement

merna really big

Merna--the Palestenian-born and Toronto-based artist formerly known as Ayah--will be releasing her sophomore album The Calling this month, a new project that is the product of creative evolution and rebirth. She chose to reclaim her birth name Merna--"beloved" in Arabic--and this album is a creative record of her adventure to Merna and what she sounds like. On the record, Merna says:

"This album is extremely personal. Truly a reflection of my life. I'm always evolving as a person. Merna is coming full-circle. Every part of my universe is connected."

The first single, Young and Reckless--homage to the invincibility of youth and possibility in the present moment--was released in September. The albums second single "A Little More" dropped Sunday, as was its official video that features Merna delivering an on-set live performance of the track. "A Little More" is a spiritual song about faith, will, fighting demons--and the extraordinary power in being human. The record is a soulful and sweet war cry of resistance to fear over an acoustic piano. She declares that "sometimes we can take on a little more than we can handle" and commands "but we can handle it". It ends in quiet triumph and what feels like peace.

The Calling is produced by Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest fame and Makai Black and is available on iTunes 11/4/14 The Calling promises to be better "proof that soul music is still alive" according to longtime collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff. Check out the "A Little More" official video below (scroll down for straight audio via soundcloud) and expect to hear more from the newly re-established Merna.