Marvel’s First ‘Luke Cage’ Trailer Arrives w/ Help From The Wu-Tang Clan

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Marvel's First 'Luke Cage' Trailer Arrives w/ Help From Wu-Tang
Source: Netflix

Marvel's First 'Luke Cage' Trailer Arrives w/ Help From Wu-Tang

For months now Marvel has lead us to believe that it has yet another winner on it hands with Luke Cage, most notably with the announcement of Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge as the show’s composers. And while fans were offered a glimpse into the second black superhero in the comic book universe (debuting in 1972, six years after Black Panther) in Marvel’s cherished noir-styled series, Jessica Jones, the spoils of Comic Con include a Wu-Tang-scored first trailer for the Luke Cage breakout series.

Those familiar with the dark NYC-set narrative know Cage to be one of Marvel’s grittiest storylines; an impenetrable body that assists Jones and Marvel’s other hit superhero series, Dardevil, in keeping the city safe from evil-doing. The trailer captures all of this and gives us plenty to look forward to in the show’s first season out. Watch the first trailer for Luke Cage in the clip below and hold tight for the show’s Netflix debut, arriving September 30th for your anxious eyes and ears. Marvel also teased Iron Fist and The Defenders during their Comic Con panel, so just know that this is far from the end in terms of their Netflix roll-out.

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