Jean Grae Drops The ‘Jeannie’ EP

Karas Lamb Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard…


Jean Grae dropped a treat for unsuspecting fans with the arrival of the Jeannie EP, which dropped around midnight. The project picks up where “U & Me & Everyone We Know” left off, leading the listener through a maze of emotion and sick lyricism that offers a sincere glimpse at femininity as it is rarely seen in rap. Her aptitude for conveying the human experience through circuitous speech, subtlety and serious joints takes a front seat for this project. According to Jean Grae, those of you gracious enough to download the full EP are also in for a few surprises:

A 6 song EP that’s a little softer, a lot more personal and no one gets murdered.
There will be a lyric book for you.
Maybe some hidden things. Okay. There’s a hidden song. You can find out when you will get it in this package. Just look. It’s in there.

Check the tracks below to preview the Jeannie EP. Purchase the full project via Bandcamp. Don’t be left out!

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