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Ja Rule
Source: Instagram

Ja Rule Denies Liability in Fyre Fest Fiasco, Counters $100 Million Lawsuit

Ja Rule wants to be livin' it up lawsuit free.

Ja Rule is denying liability in a $100 million lawsuit stemming from his now infamous Fyre Festival fiasco that left attendees stranded on an island last year.

The rapper says the attendees have no legal grounds to sue him and that should be let out of the massive class-action lawsuit. In a motion to dismiss the $100 million class-action lawsuit filed last Friday, Ja countered the claims and called festivalgoers’ allegations of emotional trauma “non-actionable puffery.”

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Ja Rule accuses the festival attendees are targeting him because he' the only person associated with the event who is wealthy.

The rapper, Jeffrey Atkins, and the then-25-year-old millionaire entrepreneur Billy McFarland partnered to put on what was supposed to be a luxury music festival on the remote island The Exumas. Tickets had ranged from $450 to $100,000.vBut upon arrival to the island, festival goers claim they arrived to leftover disaster relief tents, and bread and cheese sandwiches instead of the gourmet food they were promised.

Ja is arguing that ticket-buyers signed a contract with Fyre, not him, and says he did not owe a duty to anyone and only promoted the event on social media twice. But according to the New York Times, he “deleted a number of posts that hyped the event from his Instagram page.”

Ja claims he only had a “high-level, non-operational role,”  and not an “executive C-level title” nor was he a paid social media influencer.

Do as I say, but, please, don’t hold me legally responsible.

He also argues that the “food provided may not have been the gourmet food that Plaintiffs were expecting, but that complaint should be addressed through a breach of contract claim against the parties to the contract,” which he says does not include him."

McFarland pleaded guilty in March to two counts of wire fraud related to defrauding investors and a ticket broker with Fyre Festival. He is currently awaiting sentencing.

Ja is demanding he be let out of the entire lawsuit and not be liable for any of the alleged damages.

The case is ongoing.

Source: Digital Music News