Pass The Popcorn: Idris Elba-Starring Thriller ‘Second Coming’ Sets US Release + New Trailer

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Pass The Popcorn: Idris Elba-Starring Thriller 'Second Coming' Sets US Release + New Trailer #*)# => #*)# => #*)# =>

He may have been “too street” for 007, but that certainly hasn’t stifled Idris Elba in a prolific acting career. This year alone, he’s played crucial roles in some of the big screen’s hottest commodities, including Avengers: Age Of Ultron and Beast Of No Nation, not to mention reprising his role on the smash BBC drama Luther. Next month, however, stateside cinema-philes will be treated to the US release of his mid-2014 film Second Cominga thriller of biblical proportions, disguised as a family drama, that finds Elba playing opposite actress Nadine Marshall. Based on its cryptic trailer (available for you to see down below,) the film seems centered on a family’s blue-collar struggles, intensified by an unexpected pregnancy, that could very well have been immaculately conceived. On December 1st, Second Coming will see its US distribution activated by Film Movementwho will have the film available to stream to members through February 9th of 2016, at which point the film will be made available to non-members. You can watch Idris Elba rise and fall in the film’s trailer, just be sure to hit the link procure membership.

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