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Jimmy Plates x Slick Rick “Twelve 12’s” Live Vinyl Mix

Jimmy Plates x Slick Rick “Twelve 12’s” Live Vinyl Mix


DJ Jimmy Plates presents the latest in his Twelve 12’s series with an all vinyl mix of Slick Rick‘s music for episode 47. The U.K. DJ shows nuff love to the fellow Brit from Mitcham, South London with a mix that takes a comprehensive approach to The Ruler’s catalog – the set is a mash of Slick Rick classics touched by sampling artists and collaborative joints that speak directly to his influence throughout hip-hop. Jimmy Plates takes a moment to move past the gaudy presentation and requisite eye-patch to pay tribute to the MC with a collection of sounds that prove his storied legacy is far too vast for all gold everything to be a fitting description. Though it must be noted that anyone rocking more than two chains should take a moment to respect the architect. Check the mix.

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