GZA "Crash Your Crew" At Converse Rubber Tracks

GZA "Crash Your Crew" Live From Converse Rubber Tracks

by karaslamb
March 07, 2013 8:21 PM


GZA recently capped a day at the Brooklyn Chess Forum with a friendly visit to Converse Rubber Tracks where he performed the classic “Crash Your Crew” from his 1999 album Beneath The Surface featuring Hell Razah. The song was a mash out anthem punctuated by a video that featured GZA rhyming from the deck of a vert ramp with skaters raining around him like cannonballs. GZA composed a score for middle fingers and fisticuffs with this joint. Taking to the stage for a reprise at Converse Rubber Tracks, the MC managed to harness the same spirit of youthful rebellion incited by the original release over a decade ago. It didn’t hurt to have a band geeking out behind him. Check it.

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