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Go Dreamer - Take My Time
Go Dreamer - Take My Time

Go Dreamer - "Take My Time" Feat. Small Eyez & B.B. London

Go Dreamer - Take My Time

Go Dreamer has been going hard from day one. Two years ago OKP proudly presented Go Dreamer's full-length mix tape, Animal$ v$. Machine$, which clearly showed some of the self proclaimed weirdo's influences (which he lists as Weezer, Daft Punk, N.E.R.D., Empire of the Sun, Jimi Hendrix, Outkast) and his interest in change. In 2013 he came back with The OuttaHere Project -- which was more than sonically pleasing -- and a series of music videos that articulated the symbols in his music . The unmistakable skill that Go Dreamer possesses is the ability to hand craft his pieces. As he tightens up the strings on the Friend Zone project, Dreamer and his team The Flush release a new single called "Take My Time."The latest installment of the Weerdo Wednesdays series brings what we all expected - a damn good listen.

"Take My Time" features Small Eyez and B.B. London. The wordsmiths weave their way through a soulful cut driven by distorted melodies and hip-hop drums with a lounge feel. The cover art for the single features a young Lisa Bonet (every 90s boy's wet dream) plus African text and patterns. The track brings you back a little without making you feel like  you're wasting away in nostalgia. It sits right where it's supposed to; so if you're sleeping, wake up! Go Dreamer knows exactly how to create a classic sound that can also define the future - Check out ATL's own new wave rapper and stream "Take My Time" below.