Ernie Gaines - "Black Widow"

Ernie Gaines - "Black Widow" + Behind-The-Scenes w/ Om'Mas Keith

Neo Nostalgia Flagship Recording Artist Ernie Gaines Drops The First Single "Black Widow" From His Forthcoming 'Lost In Time' Debut LP.

Neo Nostalgia Flagship recording artist Ernie Gaines has dropped “Black Widow” – the first single from his forthcoming Lost In Time debut LP. The project produced by Michael Sterling Eaton is a 10-track collection that boasts 5 soul songs and 5 progressive rock tracks. The album also features Om’Mas Keith on keys, Thundercat on bass, Alex Elena on drums and Stewart Cole on horns. Gaines recently described the track about a girl he “used to know” and discussed his hopes for the album in a recent interview with Sway’s Universe:

Sway’s Universe: What’s the backstory on Black Widow?
Ernie Gaines: Black widow is a never ending love story about a girl I
used to know. Although physically we no longer exist, metaphysically
tht love burns eternally. Or is it all in my head?

SU: What do you want fans to walk away with after listening to your music?
EG: I want fans to walk away with a true connection and a sense of
nostalgia when they listen to my music.

Check the track below to listen to “Black Widow.” Scroll down to take a look at the writing and recording process for the track featuring some choice commentary from Om’Mas Keith. Stay tuned for more from Ernie Gaines.

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