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Earl Sweatshirt Spins An Eclectic Blend In Debut DJ Set For Boiler Room

Earl Sweatshirt Spins An Eclectic Blend In Debut DJ Set For Boiler Room

Watch Earl Sweatshirt's Debut DJ Set On Boiler Room

‘Round these parts (or most parts, for that matter) Earl Sweatshirt is known for being one of the brightest and most subversive lyricists in the game. With the exception of his most recent album, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, Earl’s selection skills have barely been showcased in any form. That is until he mustered up the gusto give DJing a run at Babylon skate shop in Los Angeles; an occasion that was pristinely captured by the good folks as Boiler Room, who have just made that inaugural outing on the ones and twos available for your eyes to see and your ears to hear.

And while it’s not exactly the most polished set we’ve ever seen executed, it’s certainly an eclectic blend of sounds from young Earl, ranging from trap to reggae to experimental grooves and well beyond. You can watch Earl Sweatshirt’s debut DJ set down below, but if you’re looking to see your boy live-and-direct, you can catch him at the BUKU Music & Arts Project in New Orleans next weekend or the following weekend at Pot Of Gold Music Festival in Chandler, AZ. His I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside is available to cop on iTunes today.

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