Watch Dave Chappelle's Triumphant (Surprise) Return To Hartford, CT

Watch Dave Chappelle's Triumphant (Surprise) Return To Hartford, CT

Watch Dave Chappelle Return To A Standing Ovation In Hartford, CT

Many of us already know and have come to terms with the fact that Dave Chappelle‘s last go-round on the Oddball Comedy Tour took a decisive swing in Hartford, CT. After a joke had apparently gone sour and in a hurry, there wasn’t much posturing the legend could do that would have brought the crowd back, sparking the infamous (and still brilliant) “If North Korea drops a bomb on the US, I hope it lands in Hartford” line.

Needless to say, there was a bit of tension in the room, which was completely deflected by the recently resurgent unicorn of comedy. It appears that all it would take to win back Hartford’s well, heart was a year’s worth of downtime and one epic 11-night romp of sold-out shows at Radio City that reunited the Block Party crew and brought along some of the forward-minded funkateers of our own generation.

Which brings us to this past Saturday, when OCT’s headlining heavyweight Louis CK finished up his set (and in what must have seemed like a moment of divine intervention) he took the time to reintroduce the city to the inarguable king of the craft, to which the audience simply lost it.Whether it was an outright admission of guilt or a heartfelt apology (on either end) Chappelle’s return to Hartford was a triumphant one. And If there was ever any doubt as to whether Hartford had put all that madness behind them, the city’s set-long standing ovation should be a good hunch. Watch Chappelle make his return to an adoring crowd in Hartford below.

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