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Chromeo feat. Toro Y Moi- “Come Alive” [Official Video]

Chromeo feat. Toro Y Moi- “Come Alive” [Official Video]

Chromeo feat. Toro Y Moi- "Come Alive" [Official Video]

Last month we got a taste of Chromeo and Toro Y Moi‘s sunlit rocker “Come Alive” and now just before the lover’s month sets in, we get the wacky 80’s rom-com visuals for the track, the third offering from their soon to drop White Women LP. The groove’s glisteningly sophisticated funk plays nicely off the Mannequin-inspired narrative, taking the track title and flipping it on its ear. It’s cornball antics and love made manifest in a shiny wrapper. Still no word on when White Women hits, but we’ll have more for you soon. Until then, catch the funk lordz and the mid-atlantic electro-pop pioneer tear through your local Macy’s in search of the mannequin that got away with the video for “Come Alive” below.


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