Camp Lo Break Down Their Approach In The Latest Episode Of ‘A Day In A Lo Night’ #*)# => #*)# => #*)# =>

Awash in soft colors and the smoothest of beats, episode 2 of Camp Lo‘s A Day In A Lo Night video series is a welcome trip inside the Bronx duo’s own personal world. “Our whole design is not to fuck with what’s going on on the radio. It’s more to go with what the fuck is going on in our minds,” we’re told by one half of Camp Lo, Sonny Cheeba, as the first few shots come into focus. The new episode features shots of the duo enjoying off-the-beaten-path urban sites appear to be New York, but then again the music and approach is so universal that it could be just about anywhere.

Cheeba puts it this way: “The music that you hear–if you are a stoner, a hipster a nerd, a geek, or a gangster, you can enjoy this album. Because it gives you a getaway.” We’ll get the chance to check out his claims on the new Camp Lo 10 track, Ski Beats-produced album Ragtime Hightimes, which hit stores just a short time ago and is getting seriously heavy play at the Okayplayer headquarters. The track you’re enjoying behind the clip is “Life I Love,” the LP’s third installment. Camp Lo just dropped a video for “You” earlier this month–here now is another taste of what they do and why. Purchase Ragtime Hightimes on iTunes today. Watch episode 2 of A Day In A Lo Night and get the good message for yourself.

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