Video: Alice Russell - "Heartbreaker" [Official] - Okayplayer

Video: Alice Russell - "Heartbreaker" [Official]

Alice Russell - :Heartbreaker" (still from the official video)

Whiles back Okayplayer premiered Alice Russell‘s powerful “Heartbreaker” as performed live in session. But today we get the official visual for the tune, which features noted thespian Harry Shearer tarting it up a bit as an Alice impersonator–a Ru-Alice if you will. It’s all set up for the final scene which I won’t ruin for you. Even if alla you badman nah inna di cross-dressing ting, brap brap brap, etc. etc. at least just enjoy the preview of the banging studio version of this thumpin good song and watch for the single to drop November 19th.

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