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a denitia and sene. conversation (the making of ‘his and hers.’)

a denitia and sene. conversation (the making of ‘his and hers.’)

denitia and sene.

Well this is different. I was expecting a full on EPK, but singing duo denitia and sene. switch things up with this new behind the scenes video. For a denitia and sene conversation., we watch the making of their impressive full-length debut, his and hers. Instead of the standard in-studio interviews, track by track breakdown, and producer/featured artists/journalist testimonials, they do things a little differently. The visuals take us to the studio for a fly-on-the-wall perspective of the writing process, rehearsals, recording, mixing, and listening party (I see a shamz cameo),  while the audio captures candid conversation between the duo all the while – dope. Video filmed by Chris Baliwas, edited by Aaron Vazquez. If you haven’t gotten his and hers. listen to (then buy) it here.


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