Ice Cube Recalls Beefing with Common During “A Dark Moment” in His Career

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Ice Cube Recalls Beefing with Common During "A Dark Moment" in His Career
Source: Youtube
Ice Cube Recalls Beefing with Common During "A Dark Moment" in His Career

Source: Youtube

“I don’t think he deserved it.”

Ice Cube is the latest guest on Talib Kweli’s People’s Party podcast.

Ahead of the full episode, a few clips from the show have dropped, featuring Cube reminiscing over a storied career, writing classics on/for both coasts during an embattled era of hip-hop. No stranger to beef, Cube admits his regret for how he let tensions build between himself and Common, dubbing it “a dark moment” in his career. “Common is a good dude, I don’t think he deserved it,” Cube tells Kweli. He adds, “It was just a misunderstanding; I was in my feelings, you know, I was sensitive about everybody saying anything about the West Coast, and I thought I heard something.”

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Though they’d eventually reconcile (with a little help from Louis Farrakhan,) and even collaborate on the soundtrack for Barbershop: The Next Cut (in which they both starred,) Cube and Common traded barbs during a fairly high-profile spat in the mid-90s. Legend has it, Cube took a line from the Chicago rapper’s classic “I Used to Love H.E.R.” as a targeted bar, and, in retaliation, fired back on a song from Mack 10’s self-titled debut album. But before a truce was called, Com volleyed with the Pete Rock-produced “Bitch in Yoo,” condemning West Coast rappers for being overly reliant on George Clinton samples and directly jabbing at Cube for misinterpreting his bars on “H.E.R.”

Watch Ice Cube discuss how he got beyond the rap beefs in a clip from this week’s episode of People’s Party below. Hold tight for the full episode to drop tomorrow (Monday) morning.

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