Bootsy Collins and Dr. Cornel West Record a Song for COVID-19 Relief

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Proceeds go to MusicCares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund.

On Friday, funk legend Bootsy Collins released “Stars,” an fundraising effort from MusicCares. Collins teamed up with Dr. Cornel West, Béla Fleck, rising country artist EmiSunsine, drummer Steve Jordan, and more for the song. “Stars” will appear on Bootsy’s upcoming album The Power of the One. Stream the video below.

Dr. West offers some encouraging words throughout the song, which is kind of endearing in a Wholesome Memes type of way. Collins recently spoke with NPR for its Our Daily Breather series to discuss the self-isolated headspace that led to the song.

“I start my day with being thankful,” he said. “I can’t leave the room until I know this day ain’t about me, but more about the gifts I have to bring to the table for all people to share and be uplifted.”

The 68-year-old says “Stars” was written with that focus.

“I called on several of my friends from all over the world to record this song,” he explained. “Dr. Cornel West, Manou Gallo from the Ivory Coast, Béla Fleck, Olvido Ruiz from Cuba and a young inspiring singer named EmiSunshine. The song is a symbol of people power and love through unity and compassion for one another. All living beings gotta share the air — it makes good sense to care. After all, our planet Earth is our mothership, and everybody is a star from the sky!”

Bootsy Collins’ The Power of the One album will be available for streaming on digital platforms in October.

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